Redeem Guide

To redeem the Reward Links restart your game, wait until everything is loaded. Click on the link you want to redeem, the link will open automatically. Usually a popup appears in the game with a message like 25 Spins Written Well. Done.

It happens that a Reward Link is not redeemed the first time, after a while there is no reaction from the game, it often helps to try it several times, this problem is usually caused by the game server itself, for example if too many links are redeemed by other players at the same time.

Not all games show a popup after the redemption, in some games there is only a sound and credits are counted up, in some games there is nothing, for example you only get a letter in the in game mailbox with the reward.

If a link has already been redeemed you cannot redeem it a second time, if you have already redeemed reward links on other sites, forums, in groups or by e-mail, it can of course happen that some of the links offered here are already redeemed.

Also with the already redeemed or expired links the reactions of the games are very different, often a popup like link already redeemed or expired comes, with some games nothing happens at this point.

All Reward Links have an expiration date, this varies from game to game and is from “a few hours” to “21 days”, expired links can be redeemed with no more.

If you want to redeem several links in a row, it helps to stay in the game after each link until everything has been written well and all animations are finished before you redeem a new link.

So-called event links either have a very short expiration time or are limited to a few thousand clicks, which expire quickly depending on how many players redeem the link. Unfortunately we are not able to sort them out automatically at the moment.

Known problems with redeeming links on certain Ios devices can unfortunately not be solved.

Do you want to report a faulty Reward Link? Then click here.